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Membership in Friends of Main Street is open to anyone interested in helping preserve Greenville's unique heritage. Our goal is to encourage and assist in keeping Downtown Greenville a vibrant shopping and business district for future generations.

Take Pride in your community. Become a Friend of Main Street today!!

Letter from Friends of Main Street Chairman:

There's a memory waiting for you.

Whether you remember downtown Greenville during its heyday, or envision the area completely restored to period historic charm, there's a memory waiting for you in Greenville's Main Street area.

The Friends of Main Street would like to count you among our ranks.

Perhaps you remember attending a classic movie at one of our old downtown theaters, having a special dinner at the Beckham Hotel or "The Cadillac" or hearing a concert in the Municipal Auditorium. There are more than 150 years worth of memories about downtown, but each one is special. Won't you share yours with us?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not when left in a desk drawer or in a box in the closet. Send us your photo taken in or near downtown Greenville and allow us to share it with others.

And if you support the idea of restoring historic downtown Greenville, help us make it the beautiful, inviting and vibrant business place it can be. With a contribution of $25 or more, you can become an official "Friend of Main Street."

And don't forget to visit your friends.

New ones and old ones alike will welcome you to our downtown cafes, antiques shops and specialty stores. Concerts to delight every ear can still be heard downtown, and other special events are listed right here on our website. Use it as your guide to the past and to the future.

I know there's a memory waiting for you in downtown Greenville.

Friends of Main Street

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Individual $25

Family $50

Merchant $100

Settler $250

Founder $500

Pioneer $1000

Land Baron $5,000

Cotton King $10,000



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